Why an Insulated Garage Door May Be Right for You


Insulated Garage Door

With so many different types of garage doors, materials, styles and colors to choose from, you have a big decision when replacing your garage door. Insulated garage doors bring lots of great benefits to your home, but insulation does not come standard in every door out there. If you’re considering whether you need an insulated garage door, check out these three benefits you add:

Temperature Control

With an insulated garage door, you can keep your garage at a steadier temperature. In the summer, the insulation will help keep the heat out. Similarly, during the winter months, the it will help keep out the cold. Not having an insulated garage door can drive up your energy bills. The extreme temperatures in the garage can affect the rooms in your home that are around the garage, making you raise or lower your thermostat more than you usually would. Choose an insulated garage door to reduce your utility bill throughout the year.

Extra Living Space

When your garage is more comfortable, you can turn it into a functional space. Instead of just using your garage to store your cars and other outdoor items, you can transform your garage into another living space to work on your hobbies, watch TV, play video games or create a playroom for your kids. Without insulated garage doors, using your garage for an additional living space just isn’t possible.
Even if you don’t plan on using the garage for a living space, you can even just rely on it more for storage. With a more moderate temperature throughout the year, you can store items in the garage that might be affected by humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Reduce Noise

You will be amazed at how much quieter an insulated garage door is. If you head out early in the morning or come back late at night, opening and closing the garage door can disturb other people in your home. An insulated garage door also blocks out some noise from outdoors, making the living space in your garage more pleasant. However you want to spend your time in the garage, you won’t have as many distractions or disturbances coming from outside. This can be a great benefit if you live in a high traffic area.
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