How Do Roll-Up Garage Doors Work?


If you’re searching for new garage doors for your business, you will likely come across roll-up products. As the name implies, these doors coil upward into a roll that rests atop the door’s opening when not in the closed position. The door then uncoils when you lower it. The method is similar to rolling and unrolling paper towels on a spool.

This process differs from a traditional sectional door that runs on a steel track system. Roll-up doors feature wider panels that rest parallel to the garage’s ceiling upon retraction.

There are two types of garage doors that roll up:

Roll-up sheet: These doors consist of one large steel piece and are ideally suited for loading docks, storage areas, smaller warehouses, and other light commercial applications.

Rolling steel: While these doors resemble roll-up sheet products at first glance, they feature a more robust design and construction. Instead of one expansive steel sheet, this door type consists of multiple metal slats. Rolling steel roll-up doors work well for high-security operations and heavy industrial applications.

A roll-up garage door provides many advantages, such as:

Increased security: The steel construction of roll-up doors offers extra strength and helps prevent break-ins and vandalism. Fire-rated products are available that resist combustion.

Excellent durability: The stainless steel material withstands extreme weather conditions and wear over extended periods. Your door could last up to 35 years with proper maintenance care.

Saves space: Folding the door requires only a small area above the opening. Your roll-up door will take up very little overhead room in your garage or dock.

Aesthetic appeal: Some roll-up door models are available in multiple color, design, and finish options, enabling you to complement and enhance your building’s appearance.

Residential vs. Commercial Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors primarily serve the needs of business owners looking for a durable, functional solution to protect their goods and facilitate truck traffic at loading docks and storage areas. However, smaller roll-up sheet versions can meet the needs of homeowners who want a stronger alternative to traditional sectional doors for their garages or sheds.

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