New Garage Doors

Is your garage door looking old and worn down? Are you looking for an easy way to improve the exterior appearance of your home?


Midlothian Garage Door takes great pride in our custom work. While many companies have access to the same suppliers we do, nobody has the design experience and the ability to bring your dream doors and gates to life. We work with some of the best designers and manufacturers to insure you get the new garage doors you want, and what will suit your needs. With our quality technicians, designers and manufacturing teams, we can bring you almost anything. 817-819-3909


From steel, artistic welding, color matching, master woodworkers and window fittings, there really is no look we can’t manage. We haven’t become the best in the business by doing what everyone else does. We go above and beyond by providing our customers with something they can be proud of. From the fit to the materials, style and color to the shape and hardware, you can decide your final look. We will work with your unique needs, to pick and install the perfect door – whether that be wood, steel or aluminum. We work with all door manufacturers, but we are preferred installers for CHI Overhead Doors, Mid-America Door, Windsor Doors and Amarr Garage Doors.

carriage house garage door

Carriage House

Carriage House garage doors are available in a wide array of stained and painted finishes. An embossed wood-grain texture captures the look of a classic carriage house door.


The most popular type of garage door because it is durable, reliable, and offered in many styles. Steel doors are low maintenance and can be painted to match the home exterior. Single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer steel garage doors are available.

Aluminum & Glass

These doors provide a clean and modern look. They also have excellent maintenance qualities and stand up well in harsh environments.

Custom Door

Custom doors can be built in a variety of styles. Wood doors are a great choice because you will enjoy the natural beauty every time you look at it.

New Garage Doors


Wood doors are a popular option because natural wood is undeniable. Custom doors are made in a variety of styles. Hemlock, cedar, and mahogany are common types of wood used to construct these doors. While they are more expensive, wood doors are a great choice because you will enjoy its beauty every day.


Steel Wood

Steel Wood doors are more than just a standard wood grain finished door. It is a multi dimensional finish that brings the grain to life!


We have over 25 years of field experience that ensures your needs can be met without the headaches that come from not doing the job right the first time. A very strong moral disposition ensures that there will not be any “extra” charges on your invoice, or any parts replaced without your knowledge and approval.


Midlothian Garage Doors only use quality oriented companies to provide the very best garage doors out there. We are proud to offer homeowners a large selection of reliable, functional, and cost-effective new garage doors.


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