The Many Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors


Many people are not sure if they should buy insulated garage doors. Well, there are a number of reasons why you should. In this article, we will go over the many benefits of an insulated door and why investing money in it is a good decision.

A Warmer Garage

Sure, you may have insulated walls and heaters to warm the space, but if the garage door isn’t insulated, the warm air will consequently escape through the door. So, you can end up spending a lot of money on heating bills. An insulated garage door will keep the warm air in making the garage more comfortable and cheaper to keep warm.

Save on Energy

Since garages aren’t considered living space, the same standard of construction isn’t applied to them as the rest of the home. So, unlike your living room, for instance, there are gaps and air consequently leaks. So, garages are far less energy efficient. However, upgrading to an insulated garage door will lower heating costs by up to 70%.

It Protects Your Tools

Appliances, cars, and various other stuff can be damaged by the freezing temperature in the garage. Tools like a power washer may crack because the water inside of it expands. Plus, fuel in something like the lawn mower will gel up, which consequently destroys it. An insulated door can help avoid all this damage.

Helps to Protect Your Car

The cold temperature can damage your vehicle. It will lower the air pressure in the tires, thicken the lubricant in the transmission, brake, and engine, etc. It will also cause damage to the battery mainly because most car batteries operate optimally at between 30 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All this damage is financially hefty compared to the slightly extra you pay for Insulated Garage Doors.

Better Durability

Insulated doors last longer because they are more durable. Instead of just one layer, they have multiple layers. Plus, these doors commonly have an aluminum frame that’s filled with core insulation. The insulation is then placed between the steel panels. All of this results in a more durable door which reduces the chances of damage like denting. After all, you should always buy a garage door that can withstand all types of weather, and accidents.

Less Noise

Insulated doors are less noisy because the insulation dampens the vibrations, which is perhaps best if the bedrooms are situated above the garage. The insulation will ensure that the inhabitants are never disturbed. If your garage door is noisy, consider upgrading to an insulated one.

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