A Quality Commercial Garage Door Boosts Business



A highly-efficient, professionally-installed commercial garage door is an asset to an active business. Whether providing easy in and out for a warehouse or efficient movements for shipping and receiving, a dependable door is a must. Commercial-grade garage doors and related accessories represent a serious investment in your business. They also represent a commitment to efficiency, performance, and safety.

Our lineup of garage doors for business features striking aluminum doors that are efficient and environmentally friendly. Glass panel doors make a statement from the outside looking in while providing excellent visibility and maximum use of natural light on the inside.

Aluminum doors are weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Doors are available with glass panels top to bottom or with aluminum panels on the bottom and glass on top.

A business site garage door featuring a blend of aluminum and glass offers several advantages over traditional solid panel doors, including:

Attractive, modern styling: available in many colors and textured finishes.

Thermal properties: insulated glass keeps heating and cooling costs down while making the most of natural light.

Lightweight: far lighter than steel counterparts they require less energy to open and close (an important factor in areas where frequent comings and goings are normal). Commercial-grade operating systems perform well and last longer working with lighter doors. Maintenance costs reflect reduced stress on torsion springs and moving parts.

Weather-resistant: a door that is rust- and corrosion-resistant is an asset.

A garage door for business has to stand up to more demanding uses than the same style door in a home. The cycle of opening and closing on a commercial door every day often exceeds a residential door’s use for a week. That is why commercial doors feature heavy-duty torsion springs and related hardware. Garage door openers for business installations are also built to higher specifications than homeowner units.

In addition to reliable everyday performance commercial-grade garage doors provide added benefits, including:

Facility security: strong garage doors protect vehicle storage as well as valuables in shipping and receiving areas. Glass panels allow security patrols to monitor what’s inside after hours.

Custom construction: available in sizes and shapes to fit your business.

Reduce noise: commercial doors keep outside sounds outside and inside sounds in.

Versatility: gain the best of all worlds with these floor-to-ceiling windows that open for traffic when they need to.

About Midlothian Garage Doors

Midlothian Garage Doors is a full service garage door repair company. We specialize in the service, repair, and if needed, the replacement of your garage door or garage door opener. We have over 25 years of field experience that ensures your needs can be met without the headaches that come from not doing the job right the first time.

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