Tips to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door


As the largest moving part of your home, your garage door needs to be in prime condition at all times. You have to make sure that the door and its opener are working properly to guarantee easy, reliable, and safe access to your garage. According to the International Door Association (IDA), checking your garage door every month and fixing any issues that arise in a timely manner can help extend its life span. This includes inspecting the springs, rollers, opener, and pulleys for signs of wear and tear.

Prolong Your Garage Door’s Life

Put simply, your garage door needs regular maintenance to stay efficient. Fortunately, Midlothian Garage Doors is here to help with your maintenance plan. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind:

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Proper lubrication is necessary for most of your garage door components, such as the hinges, metal rollers, the upper part of the chain rail, and the lock. Making sure that these components receive regular inspections and supplemental lubrication as needed is a vital part of routine maintenance. While these parts can greatly benefit from lubrication, there are also other parts that you should not spray with any lubricant, like the springs, door tracks, and the lower part of the chain rail.

Pay Attention to Changes

Whenever you use your garage door, it’s important to take note of how it moves and the noises it makes. If you notice any difficulty when opening your door or if it starts making screeching noises, then there is a good chance that you might need garage door repair. Be sure to inspect the components of your garage door and opener and enlist the help of an expert whenever you experience these issues.

Test Its Safety Features Regularly

By testing the safety features of your garage door and opener often, you can protect your family from hazardous situations. Be sure to contact an experienced garage door repair specialist here at Midlothian Garage Doors if the safety sensors on your door are late to respond or not working properly.

About Midlothian Garage Doors

Midlothian Garage Doors is a full service garage door repair company. We specialize in the service, repair, and if needed, the replacement of your garage door or garage door opener. We have over 25 years of field experience that ensures your needs can be met without the headaches that come from not doing the job right the first time.

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