It’s only natural that your garage door will make a little bit of noise. It is, after all, a complex mechanism, and mechanisms with moving parts are going to make sounds. However, there is such a thing as a garage door that is too noisy. If you are dealing with an excessively loud garage door, you may have a bigger problem.

Is there a way to repair a loud garage door? The short answer is yes, and here are some of the basics of a noisy garage door fix.

Causes of Noisy Garage Doors:

The first question you need to ask yourself is what is causing my excessively loud garage door? There are a few likely culprits when you have a garage door noise issue:

Bad/Worn out Rollers: The rollers are what move along a track above your garage to enable your garage door to roll up and roll back down. If you are hearing garage door noise, a lot of times what you are hearing are these rollers squeaking against the track. If you have a broken or worn-out roller, it may be the source of this noise.

Garage Door Opener: It could be your garage door opener mechanism that is the source of the problem. If the noise is accompanied by your garage door opener having difficulty opening and closing the door, it’s possible your garage door opener has a bad motor. You also may just have an older and louder garage door opener.

Improper Lubrication: Just like any other system with moving parts, if those parts are not properly lubricated, they will squeak when they rub against each other, creating excess noise.

How to Fix Them:

If your rollers are the problem, you will have to replace them. You may also want to consider replacing all your steel rollers with nylon rollers, which are much quieter and do not need to be lubricated on a regular basis.

If your garage door opener is the problem, the best fix may also be to replace it. If you currently have a chain drive system, you may want to consider swapping it out with a belt drive garage door opener. These openers are much quieter and should give you fewer problems when it comes to noise.

If lubrication is the issue, re-lubricating the rollers, springs and any other moving parts is needed and may well solve your problem.

Luckily, Midlothian Garage Doors can help! If you need new rollers or any new garage door parts, we can install them. Our highly-trained, certified technicians are experienced in garage door repair, including replacing rollers and other worn-out garage door parts.

We can perform regular maintenance on your garage door as well. During a scheduled maintenance call, we will lubricate all moving components, check for worn out parts, alignment problems and other garage door or opener issues and tighten any loose bolts. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that a professional has inspected and maintained your door. Contact us for a free estimate on your service today!