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There are two main components to a garage door opener— the motor type and the drive type. Motor types come in two main options, AC and DC power. Garage door openers powered by an AC motor are typically louder, larger and heavier since they require more components. Garage door openers powered by a DC motor offer the most power and are the smoothest running motors in the industry. Not only are DC motors quieter and lighter, but they allow more features on the opener like soft start and stop, which reduces wear and tear on the door and motor.

The drive type is simply the way your garage door travels along with the guide – the long rail connected to the opener and above the center of your door – when it opens and closes. Within the guide is a screw, chain, or belt which moves the trolley along the guide to open and close your door.

Our belt drive opener models are some of the quietest garage door openers you can buy and are ideal for a garage that is connected to the house. Screw drive garage door openers, on the other hand, will give you the most power with the fastest operating speeds. If you have a large garage door, then these are the openers you’ll want to use. This is because our screw drive openers feature an exclusive direct drive system that transfers more power from the motor without using a gear reduction system. Finally, a chain drive garage door opener uses a chain to move the door open and closed. It is suitable for most garage doors as the design has been around for many years and will last a long time with routine maintenance.

Universal Wireless Keypad

We also offer a variety of convenience-enhancing accessories that simplify life. These optional garage door opener accessories each feature something different to help you enjoy your new opener or garage door system to the fullest. Among them is a line of keypads and opener remotes, which put ease and comfort at your fingertips.

Universal Wireless Keypads, for example, can simplify the lives of homeowners with one device and PIN. Homeowners often have multiple garage doors that might not always use the same brand of openers, creating a hassle to manage them all and difficulty in remembering the various access codes. Compatible with some of the most popular garage door opener brands sold in the U.S., the Universal Wireless Keypad is easy to set up and control with simplified keypad programming and efficient backlight coverage.

Another innovation is a Universal Remote, which can be programmed to operate a combination of up to four garage door openers or gate receivers, reducing the clutter of multiple remotes and replacing it with a single, convenient device. Pre-programmed settings and an exclusive pairing feature make for simplified programming options. The Universal Remote is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a versatile visor clip and key ring loop in every box.

Garage Door App

Remote controls aren’t all we offer. Find peace of mind with the apps which allow you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. You can check if your garage door is open, closed or if there is any change to the door position. You can instantly know when someone is operating your garage door or open the door for a delivery, repair person or friends without having to provide the access password to your garage. With a smart device enabled garage door controller, you can also access the history of each of your openers. This provides helpful security information of exactly when the door was used, including dates and times.

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Midlothian Garage Doors is a full service garage door repair company. We specialize in the service, repair, and if needed, the replacement of your garage door or garage door opener. We have over 25 years of field experience that ensures your needs can be met without the headaches that come from not doing the job right the first time.

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