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Garage door keypads are a must have for many families.

Interested in a keypad for your garage door? Garage door keypads are getting popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Who wants to keep track of a remote control, when you can just remember an access code? On the other hand, if you can get into your garage so easily, can a thief do the same?

For many people, deciding whether to get an access keypad comes down to weighing pros and cons. On the pro side of the equation are convenience, as mentioned, and also a certain kind of security. If your garage connects to your house, then a garage door keypad means you’ll never lock yourself out of your house. An electrical problem in your car could erase your vehicle’s automatic garage-door-opening feature, but you’ll still be able to get in. Older children and teens can get inside while you’re away, even if they tend to lose house keys.

Cons are mostly security-related. Could a thief hot-wire the access panel, or hack into it wirelessly? Or maybe learn your access codes by watching through binoculars as you type them in? Then there is the possibility of you forgetting your own code and the necessity of properly maintaining one more piece of electronics. Finally, while an access keypad may look like a home security system, and some even have a panic feature that allows you to quickly summon police, an ambulance, or fire fighters, it’s still really just a garage door opener—forgetting that could lead to a false sense of security.

In reality, most of the cons can be minimized. Cover the keypad when you enter the code so that no one can see what you enter—and teach your kids to do the same. Most new keypad systems have security measures that make them almost impossible to hack or hotwire. Some can even recognize your fingerprints, so it doesn’t matter if someone else gets your code. The real question is simply whether a garage door keypad is something you want.

If you are interested, do some shopping around for quality garage door keypads. If the first model you look at doesn’t have what you want, then research other models. To find one with the latest security features, you will likely have to go with a professionally installed garage door keypad. To protect your home, there is no reason to go with something merely cheap.

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