How to Fix a Bent Garage Door

It’s actually quite easy to make a dent in a garage door: homeowners do it all the time! Either they pull out of the garage without looking and knock into the closed garage door, or they [...]

How Do I Lubricate My Garage Door?

Before summer gets underway, this is a great time to do some much-needed garage door maintenance. The best way to ensure your garage door is prepared for the new season is by lubricating all the [...]

Spring Is Tune-up Time for Garage Door Openers

The extremes of winter add to the stress on your garage door opener. Repeated changes in temperature, snow, and ice are hard on electrical devices. Remote controls, motors and battery-operated [...]

How To Prevent Bugs from Entering Your Garage

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, bugs will often seek the refuge of a garage when it’s convenient. Warmer weather might mean the presence of some moisture buildup, while colder [...]

Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Your Garage Doors

Garage doors of all shapes and sizes are a staple of the home. They protect us from the elements when we need to park our vehicles inside, they provide security when left open in unattended [...]

Shaky Garage Doors? Potential Reasons and What to Do!

You’re pulling out of your garage in the morning, or closing the door behind you, and you see that the door seems to be shaking a lot. Maybe it’s shaking when it moves, or maybe your garage door [...]

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Your garage door consists of over 10 different parts that all work together to ensure your door opens and closes when you use your keypad, remote, or mobile app. Over the lifespan of your garage [...]

Expert Tips for Keeping Your Garage Energy Efficient

  The benefits of increasing your garage’s energy efficiency are tremendous, especially if it’s attached to your home! With a few changes, you can drastically diminish your heating and [...]

How Can I Keep My Garage Cool During the Summer?

  There’s a lot of information out there about how to make your home energy efficient, and buying new appliances, upgrading fixtures and plugging air leaks are just a few of the suggested [...]

Quieting a Noisy Garage Door

  A noisy garage door can be a serious disruption, especially if anyone is sleeping above or next to the garage. As long as the door is opening and closing properly, it is usually pretty [...]

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