Common Mistakes New Garage Door Buyers Make


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When finding the perfect garage door, there are some common mistakes that people make. These mistakes can lead to wrong buying decisions leaving you frustrated and with additional costs added to your project. Garage doors have some fundamental components that you need to be aware of in the decision-making process in order to avoid these mistakes. Here are some things you should take into account.

Focus on fundamentals first, design second

People can get carried away with the design of their garage door before they have the big stepping stones in place.

Measurements and quotes are a vital part of the garage door buying process. Once you have established that your building site is ready, you can initiate the beginning stages of your garage instalment by getting in contact with us for a measure and quote. Always seek assistance for this from a professional; because if you try to measure up your garage door opening yourself, you could receive a quote that is totally inaccurate. Once you’ve received an accurate quote, it will help you narrow down what style and design of garage door will be fit.

Leave installation to the professionals

Don’t attempt to be the ‘Jack of all Trades’ by installing a garage door yourself. Garage doors need to be installed professionally for longevity.

One common misconception is that the best way to save money is to do things yourself. Although this can be true, if done inadequately, it can cost you the safety of your home, as well as cause you to fork out more money. Midlothian Garage Doors employs industry professionals, and we know you’ll love our installations for both our styles and their functionality.

Prepare for your consultation

Know what you like, and what you don’t like. Know what will suit your lifestyle, and what will be a hindrance. Come prepared with examples of your desired garage door and what accessories would suit you.

It’s always a bonus knowing what style of garage door you want, because it helps you ease into the consultation. There are a few things to take into account, and our garage door experts will help you decide; but the main criteria to be aware of are: materials (wood, steel, aluminum, etc.), style (modern, traditional), size, and color.

Think about who will be using the garage door and how you can make it convenient for them. Take into consideration the lifestyle of the people living in the home, and who the garage door will affect. If you have an elderly family member or someone with a physical disability, make sure you get the right garage door for your family.


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