Choosing a Color for Your Garage Door


Picking out a garage door is an important decision. You must decide what you want your house to tell people about you. Houses are most people’s largest asset, so renovation decisions are important. Something as seemingly small as the color of your garage door can impact the value and perception of your house.

So what are your choices, and how do you choose?

The top color choices today include White, Soft Gray, Black/Dark Gray, Beige/Taupe and Walnut Brown.

White – White is a crisp classic. By far the most popular color for garage doors, a vivid white is sure to add some curb appeal. Since there are so many more design choices available today, don’t be afraid of a white garage door.

Soft Gray – The trendy new neutral on the design scene, gray is chic and classy. It has the same brightness that white does but feels a bit softer. It allows your garage doors to blend with the overall look, instead of being a focal point.

Black/Dark Gray – A trendy choice, with a hip feel, black is a classic. It adds unique style to your home and it easily hides marks! However, it’s important to make sure black works with your color scheme. Black can take your home’s look to a whole new level, or it can look a little sharp if not done right.

Beige/Taupe – Best suited for brick and stone, beige or taupe garage doors can help blend your garage doors into the facade of your home. It has a similar effect to gray and is a nice neutral if you’re not into black and white.

Walnut Brown – Still a neutral, brown looks sophisticated, but will warm things up. It has a polished feel, and it can give the illusion of an expensive wooden door! Beware – brown has a wide tonality. Pick a “walnut brown” as other browns could make your house look dated. Check with a color expert before finalizing your plans!

Our tips for choosing the right color for your garage door:

  1. Don’t match your front door and garage door.

Allow your front door to be the focal point of the house. It’s a statement area, and if you’ve chosen a bold color for your front door, it can be overwhelming on a garage door.

  1. Consider matching your garage doors to your house.

This helps your garage blend with your home and can make your house look bigger! You can also paint the trim surrounding your garage door to match the door, to create a seamless look.

  1. If you’re concerned about curb appeal, don’t be unique.

Garage doors that are an unusual color, or two-toned, don’t have the same curb appeal as a mono-colored door, in a clean neutral. If you could potentially sell your home, it’s worth considering this when picking your color.

  1. Think about the material of your home and garage door.

What material is your home? Different materials are suited and complemented by certain colors. Also, garage door material could give you some more options. Traditional styles could be done with wood-grain finishes, or contemporary styles could offer anodized aluminum.

  1. When in doubt, go for the easy win!

The most popular and “safest” color choice is to match your garage door color to the color of the windows and trim work on the house


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