Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?


The short answer is yes, glass garage doors are safe! Many homeowners are hesitant to install glass garage doors because they believe the glass panels increase the risk of break-ins or can cause injuries when broken. Fortunately, leading garage door manufacturers design their glass doors with safety in mind.

Glass Doors Are Designed for Security

Glass garage doors feature tempered glass, which is different from the standard annealed glass you might find in vases, picture frames and glass coffee tables. Tempering is a high-heat treatment that modifies the properties of normal glass. The glass panels of a garage door sit in a high-heat tempering oven before quenching. That final step is a rapid cooling process completed with powerful blasts of cool air.

Tempered glass is much stronger than annealed glass, giving it significantly higher impact resistance. This quality is vital for a garage door for security purposes, and it ensures the glass remains intact as the door opens and closes. If a glass garage door offers the look you want for your home, you can rest easy that it’s designed for durability and safety.

If an incident arises where the glass on your garage door breaks, its altered properties from tempering will keep you and your family safe. Rather than shattering into shards, tempered glass breaks into small, dull pellets that won’t cause injury. Many times, an impact against tempered glass will cause the door to fracture into these small pieces without fully breaking apart, reducing your home’s vulnerability.

While the glass plays a huge role in the safety of a glass garage door, the metal framing is also valuable to its security. Most glass garage doors use aluminum framing, which is light and durable. Lightweight aluminum allows the heavier glass panels to be a part of the door while keeping it functional. The aluminum also ensures the panels remain stable and free from impact as the door operates.

Other Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

Tempered glass ensures glass garage doors are safe and secure for your home. Other advantages of these doors include:

  • Modern and sleek curb appeal
  • Light filtering to make your garage brighter and potentially reduce energy costs
  • Additional versatility with the extra light, making your garage a multi-functional space
  • Easy maintenance process

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