What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close!

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This is one of the most common questions we get in the garage door industry. What do you do when you’re already late for something, you press the button and nothing happens? Here are some tips for what you can do when your garage door won’t close:

Try the Vacation Switch or Lock-out Button

Press the button on the wall and see if the door will close. If it will, then the problem is most likely the Lock-out Switch or Vacation Switch. Just about every opener manufacturer puts these on their wall control stations. They’re not often used, so many people don’t know what they are. Most wall control stations will have a Light button (turns the light on/off), Vacation/Lock-out button (locks out the remotes) and Open/Close button. Try disengaging the Vacation switch and trying your remote. If it now works you can jump back into your car and be on your way. If the remote still doesn’t work, then keep reading.

Check the Photo-eyes

The photo-eyes, or sensors, are mounted on either side of the door near the floor. There’s an emitter sensor and a receiver sensor. These sensors have to “look” at each other so if they are knocked out alignment, the opener will refuse to close the door. Keep in mind that kids, lawnmowers, hoses, garbage cans, or any manner of item bumping into them can knock them out of alignment.
Check to make sure the sensors are aligned, and nothing is blocking them. Clean the lens on each sensor – sometimes dirt or grass clippings can interfere. Check the wires to the sensors to make sure nothing is loose. Check to see if any sunlight is shining on the sensors. Sometimes the sun can “blind” the sensors and cause them to think an object is blocking the opening. If this is the case the sensors may need to be moved further into the garage.

Check Door Close Sensitivity

If you are mechanically minded and comfortable adjusting settings, then get the opener manual and find out where the door close sensitivity settings are. Most openers have a sensitivity setting for opening the door and closing the door. Before you adjust the sensitivity, disconnect the opener from the door by pulling the emergency release. Check to see how the door balances and moves. If the door is hard to open or close, the problem may not be the opener. Stop and call a professional to adjust the garage door.
If you’ve checked all of the above and the opener still doesn’t close the door – pull the emergency release (usually a red cord hanging from the trolley) and close the door manually. Lock the interior lock on the door if it has one. Give us a call at Midlothian Garage Doors. There may be something else going on with the opener. The sensors or the logic board in the opener may not be functioning properly and might need replacing.
Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of the above, then just call your friendly garage door service tech here at Midlothian Garage Doors. We should be able to help you out in no time!

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