Are Battery Backups Worth the Money?

Battery Backup
Garage door openers are a wonderful convenience that makes life easier. They can make your home more secure, more efficient, and can integrate seamlessly into your smart home system. If you lose power, however, your garage door opener – like all of the other electrical systems of your home – cannot do its job and can even trap your vehicle inside the garage if you are unable to open the door manually.
If you live in a remote area or an area prone to heavy storms, not being able to use your vehicle can be extremely dangerous. Auxiliary power systems, such as generators and battery backup systems, can help alleviate this issue and ensure your family gets to safety as quickly as possible.
Generators can be complicated to set up and expensive to maintain. They often require a type of combustible fuel that can be perilous to store in your garage and needs replenishing. Generators are often designed to supply power to a number of major systems inside your home, which could lead to overloading the circuit or malfunctioning appliances.
Battery backups are designed as a fail-safe for a single system, your garage door opener, for example. Many garage door opener battery backup units have simple plug-and-play setups and charge off of your existing power grid without using any type of combustible fuel. Each battery backup has enough stored power to allow multiple uses of the system it is supplying, making it an extremely economical backup system to operate.
Advantages of a Battery Backup
Easy Setup: The battery backup add-on system is a simple plug-and-play unit that can quickly be installed on compatible units. Simply mount the battery backup securely above or onto the garage door opener and plug the backup system into the cable port of the unit. Allow it to charge for 24–48 hours prior to testing.

Long Useful Life: Battery backup systems have a usable lifetime of approximately three maintenance-free years. The battery backup charges from the cable connected to your garage door opener. Once installed, there are no parts to maintain or replace, no fuel to top off, and nothing to worry about.

Simple Operation: You have enough to think about during a power outage; your garage door opener should not be one of them. If you have the battery backup installed, there is no need to manually disengage the door. Just push the button and go.

If you decide that a battery backup is right for your home, give us a call. Midlothian Garage Doors is here to help you set up the perfect garage for you.

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